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Voter Eligibility

  • Us citizen, at least 18 years old before the Day of election
  • Resident of Michigan 30 days before the election
  • You are registered to vote.

Where to register

Your county, city, village or townships Clerk's office

Other places or methods of registering

These registrations are not valid unit recorded by your local clerk

  • Secretary of state drivers license offices
  • Secretary of state renewal by mail
  • State and federal mail in registration forms

Note. Voters using mail in registration forms must vote in person the first time.

Where to obtain registration mail in forms

Update registration if change of address or name

  • Contacts listed above
  • Mail in listed above

Any problem that can not be handled by the above procedures, should contact the Kalamazoo County Clerk at 269-383-8840

Absentee Ballot Procedure

In 2018 Voters passed Proposal 18-3 allowing all eligible and registered voters in Michigan to request an absentee ballot without having to provide a reason. For more information and to request an absentee ballot, please follow this link.

Where to Vote

  • The back of your registration card states where you are to vote
  • Use the State of Michigan Voter Information Center (find your precinct by entering your info)
  • Contact your county, city, village or township clerk or ask neighbors

How to Vote

As a result of the Help America Vote Act, adopted in response to the problems connected with the 2000 Presidential Election in some parts of the country, new optical scan voting system was implemented in 2004 in every precinct in the county. The Michigan Citizens’ Guide to Voting Systems enables you to see a video demonstration of the voting system at your precinct.

Assistance Needed To Vote

You may receive assistance from any one except an employer, union or their representative. An election official may assist you.



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