There is a wealth of Kalamazoo River information on the internet. Some sites of interest are listed below:

About PCBs

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LWVKA’s interest in the Kalamazoo River is expressed in our position statements at the national, state and local levels. Nationally, LWV supports a role for the federal government in setting water quality standards, protecting environmental quality and controlling pollution. Our state-level position on the Great Lakes ecosystem encompasses the Kalamazoo River as a tributary stream. Locally, the LWVKA has a position specific to the river favoring:

  • support of measures to preserve, protect and restore the Kalamazoo River and its tributaries as a natural resource, while developing it for community needs;
  • support for formulating and implementing a comprehensive river plan. Such a plan would allow the developing of the river for a variety of uses while preserving or restoring its natural state. Specifically, we:
    • support the use of flood plain zoning
    • support land-use decisions and land management techniques which enhance river water quality and protect the river from point and non-point sources of siltation and pollution;
    • oppose extensive channelization to deepen widen and straighten the river, but would consider limited projects.

LWVKA’s activities related to the Kalamazoo River have changed with the issues of the times. In the 1970s, channelization was a major focus. In the past decade, cleanup of the PCBs through the Superfund process has been the chief concern.